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I live in a leafy beautiful suburb in Canberra and enjoy being part of such a vibrant and diverse community. As the mother of three young and energetic boys, I understand the physical and mental challenges associated with early motherhood and beyond. In 2013 I established an outdoor Personal-Training business in the Inner-Sydney suburb of Glebe, providing women – especially mothers, with the opportunity to improve their level of fitness, health and well-being.


Engaging with clients and listening to their needs as mothers inspired me to develop my personal training programs targeting the needs of Postnatal mothers. I strongly believe that there is a lack of education and awareness to postnatal healing and restorative practices for women. It wasn’t until after having my third child and studying with Burrell Education that I began to understand the importance of issues such as Diastasis Recti (DRA) and prolapse. Despite giving birth to three children with countless visits to the doctor and midwife, it took my own investigations to discover that postnatal women are often in the dark about what has happened to their bodies since having a child. I believe that there is an absence of education from not only the medical profession but also the fitness industry in relation to postnatal well-being. With nearly 300,000 births per year in Australia, I often wonder how many of these new mums are effectively being assessed before returning to exercise such as going to the gym or jumping into boot-camp sessions?


I am focused on educating my clients about the appropriate do’s and don’ts for effective healing of their core. My sessions aren’t just about the exercise. Each week to conclude the class, we discuss important topics such as nutrition for healing, hormones in the postnatal period and helpful tips on positive lifestyle choices.


Personal Trainer

Kylee is a successful personal trainer who specialises in Postnatal Recovery that assists all mothers in regaining their pre-baby health, strength, vitality and confidence.


Utilising her education and experience, Kylee has developed holistic restoration programs that offer proven healing strategies to assist women to physically and emotionally recover after having a baby.


  • Menopause Transition - Burrell Education

  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness – FIA

  • Kettlebells, Powerbags Certificate – MMA fitness

  • Exercise after pregnancy for optimal outcomes – Pilates Physio Style

  • Advanced postnatal core-restore programming – Burrell Education

  • Optimal nutrition and lifestyle for postnatal recovery and healing – Burrell Education

  • Certificate in Natural therapies – Thompson Education Direct

  • Current First aid Certificate – CBD College

  • Certificate in Suspension Training

  • Arthritis Essentials course - Arthritis Tasmania

  • Registered Fitness Australia

  • Trainer Certificate in Boxing – Punchfit

Kylee Todd Menopause Transition Qualification.png


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