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"I have been training with Kylee for three years because Kylee offers classes that are enjoyable and get results. Kylee takes a holistic approach to fitness. She pays a lot of attention to core muscles and her training is about effective and safe exercise, particularly postpartum. With Kylee’s training and her relaxed, supportive approach, my fitness, muscle strength and confidence have noticeably improved. I highly recommend Kylee Todd training."


July 28, 2016


"I have been training with Kylee for a few years.I have really noticed the difference in my strength and overall conditioning, since beginning her classes. I am a big believer that it’s not all about losing weight (which is always nice) but your body’s health inside and out, healthy living is something Kylee promotes and lives by.

Kylee makes exercising fun and easy."


Anastasia Gong


“Within the last two years, Kylee Todd has successfully guided me to improve my body shape, muscular strength, pelvic floor awareness and overall fitness. Following two Caesarean sections (one with twins!) I did not receive adequate advice about my separated abdominal muscles and pelvic floor. I had daily lower back pain, poor posture and minimal core strength.

xxx I will miss you Kylee - the lady who helped me gain a better appreciation of my body! "


Tamar Morrison