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One Week Free Trial

To access your One Week Free Trial, you must complete the Postnatal Prescreen. This is essential to ensure that I have the most relevant information about your postnatal body. This will help me to better understand you and your postnatal needs.

Please see Terms & Conditions.

Postnatal Prescreen

Are you breastfeeding?
Do any of these apply to you currently?

Thanks for filling in!

Terms & Conditions

  • I confirm I am physically fit with no medical conditions or injuries to participate in the exercise program or session.

  • I assume all risks associated with the exercise and workout programs and for any physical injury or damage that may arise out of my participation.

  • I indemnify 'Postnatal and beyond' against all liability, including death or damage by participating.

  • One Week Free Trial is only available for new clients.

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