Frequently asked questions

When can I start with your classes?

Once you have been given the go ahead at the six week check by your GP, I can conduct the Initial Consultation. It is important to realise that getting the all clear from your GP is not a green light to return to your pre-pregnancy exercise. My Initial Consultation is designed to assess your postnatal body and provide holistic practices that are tailored to you.

It's been years since I gave birth. Can I still benefit from your service?

Absolutely! Having a baby has a significant impact on your body and many mothers will unknowingly carry with them physical symptoms from their pregnancy for many years. It’s never too late.

How do I pay for your sessions?

The Group Classes are billed in advance for the coming calendar month. Restore Class and the Initial Consultation is a once off payment, paid before commencing.

Is it unusual to pay for an Initial Consultation?

Not at all. The Initial Consultation is a unique and specialist service that is lacking from the majority of personal trainers. My education in postnatal recovery provides you with an insight into the impact of what having a baby can do to your body. Many mothers are not given appropriate healing strategies from health professionals. You will gain a better understanding of your postnatal body and why it is important to holistically heal yourself. It is my duty of care to ensure that you are ready to begin appropriate exercise that is mindful of your body’s needs.

Can I just turn up to a session to try it out?

No, although I'm looking forward to having you there! Before anyone joins a class they are prescreened and we may have already done the consultation. I have a duty of care to every client and I can't work my business on an assumption.

What if I miss a class. Do I get my money back?

I do not give refunds on classes already paid, but I offer a two week period where you can catch up on any missed classes.

Can I bring my baby to the Restore Class?

No. It is essential that you can dedicate some time for yourself to restore your body. This is an important part of your self-care practice and wellbeing. This also applies for any one on one session that is conducted in your own home. This is one hour of your week when you can focus on yourself and allow someone else such as your partner to spend some quality with your baby.