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I’m on a health journey and Kylee is a big part of it. She is supportive and realistic. Kylee focuses on functional fitness and building a strong core. Good breathing and stretching is included. With Kylee, it's not about perfection but improvements. I love Kylee’s sessions.

Claire Sz

Our mother’s group organised weekly classes with Kylee and it was the best way to ease back into exercise. Kylee's expertise on postnatal fitness made me feel confident in getting back into working out! Postnatal or not I highly recommend Kylee as a PT! 

Gretel Burgess 

Kylee is a great Personal trainer. She always makes you feel so comfortable and at ease within your body and ability. She is patient, gently encouraging, knowledgeable and incredibly supportive.
Kylee works alongside you in supporting your needs and working towards your goals. Creating a safe, fun environment whilst having a good laugh. 

Simone Payne

I have been working with Kylee for a few months now and I can’t recommend her enough! She is fantastic! Kylee is a true professional who has extensive knowledge in functional fitness. I have seen genuine results in a short period of time and even better, I feel the results! Kylee listens and works with you to help you reach your goals. And it doesn’t hurt that she is a wonderful and friendly person! I would recommend Kylee to anyone who is serious about increasing their fitness! 

Sophie Dowling

I was in a rut fitness wise and as I got older was pushing myself less and scared to try new things.
I don't like gyms which is why I love Kylee's classes, she brings the gym to you and the focus is on being part of a supportive community. The classes are fun, friendly and challenging but every level and body is catered for. I also really value that Kylee's practice comes from a place of understanding women's lives and bodies through all our different ages and stages. 

Alex Chu

Kylee provides very thorough and targeted training sessions that have helped me to improve strength and fitness after giving birth to my son. She adapted various exercises in the program to cater to my specific health needs as well. Thank you Kylee! 

Sonja Firth

I've been working with Kylee for the last 5 months and it's literally saved my sanity and health. I started with her outdoor group fitness training and loved it, the group was welcoming and supportive and definitely a great workout. The virtual training we did over Covid restrictions was brilliant too, still a great workout and kept me accountable. Then I took the leap into personal training, something I had never done before and I can now highly recommend it. The lift and motivation I got once a week from working one on one with Kylee was exactly what I needed. Being able to get her direct advice, tips and a tailored program was invaluable. Not to mention she's great fun to be with, makes the time fly and before you know it, you've worked hard and enjoyed yourself. Thanks Kylee!

Helen Benassi

I love this class and highly recommend Kylee's training. I struggled to get back into fitness for years after the birth of my second child and the outdoor group fitness class has provided a consistent yet flexible training opportunity for me. Kylee tailors the training for individual needs and is thoughtful and supportive in her approach. Not to mention, she makes it fun and sociable, which has been key to me coming back again and again. 

Amber Rakena

Love Kylee, she helped me with my physical recovery and separation after birth.  But her classes are also lots of fun and everyone is super friendly which also helps with your mental recovery too! 

Sasha Defaux

I highly recommend Kylee Todds (Postnatal and Beyond) fitness classes. Kylee is a warm and supportive personal trainer and is dedicated to the recovery process after birth and pregnancy. Kylee pays individual attention to her clients and always creates a fun and effective workout.

Yvette Hamilton

Kylee is the real deal and she really knows her stuff. From her initial thorough assessment to her tailored lesson plans, you know you're in experienced and professional hands.

But the greatest thing? Her personality. She's caring, authentic, kind, but also a great motivator who can push you if needs be. She just makes training fun! Plus she's a baby and kids whisperer, which makes working out with even the wriggliest kids possible! I think it's a testament to her that most people in her classes have been coming for years... And they look freaking amazing! 

Angela Cummine

I started working with Kylee in the final stages of my first pregnancy. Managing a complicated pregnancy with exercise restrictions during a heatwave made it difficult to get in responsible, but satisfying physical activity as I approached delivery. Kylee quickly proved to be the ideal trainer. With her calm manner, specialised knowledge, cautious approach and warm personality, her classes became a highlight of my week during those final nervous countdown weeks. Kylee helped build my understanding of how pregnancy was impacting on my body and what movements I could use both in everyday life, as well as our workout sessions, to minimise discomfort and maximise strength in a way that was safe for me and bub.

A wonderful side-benefit of Kylee's classes were the lovely ladies I met and connected with through the sessions. All of a sudden, I had an instant mother's group of new and experienced mammas who offered encouragement, a good laugh and practical tips for the transition ahead.

Post delivery, I was very keen to get back to exercise. Kylee did an at-home consultation about two months post-birth to assess my recovery from a C-section. We talked through abdominal separation, pelvic-floor recovery, the impact of breastfeeding on your energy levels as well as general mental and physical health in those early months. Based on this, Kylee worked out a realistic plan for my recovery, class attendance, and fitness goals. As a mum of three herself, Kylee really understands the range of emotional and physical challenges new mums are confronting and what is sensible to aim for in the early days as well as over time.

I have been back at Kylee's classes, which are all held in lovely parks around Glebe, for about 4 months now. I have loved working with a trainer who knows my pregnancy and delivery history and can adapt exercises based on my individual goals and needs. You can bring your bub along to Kylee's classes and if they need a little bit of extra attention during the workout, Kylee is famous for providing settling, cuddling and pram-pushing services on the sidelines while you continue your workout.

A great, tailored workout, new friends, social interaction and an escape from the house! I cannot recommend Kylee or her classes highly enough.

Samantha Korf

I highly recommend Kylee. I have lost 15kgs since starting my training with Kylee three years ago and have kept it off.

Kylee is a perfect combination of tough mixed with warmth and humour. Her training method is never the same, lots of variation, never a dull moment. I actually look forward to it..Thanks Kylee for all of your motivation and advice. 

Anna Playford

Kylee has a wealth of knowledge and experience in restoring a woman's body after childbirth and child raising have taken their toll. Her classes offer an educational experience as well as enjoyable and effective exercise and conditioning. In the three years I have been training with Kylee I have found and trained muscles I never knew I had. Every class offers something different but also effective, I highly recommend Kylee Todd training.

Sinead Reilly

I have been training with Kylee for over a year.  I have participated in a lot of group training over the years but Kylee's class is by far the best not only am I getting great results but it is the most fun.  I love that each class has so much variety and Kylee's enthusiasm pushes me to do the best I can.  Bonus points that I can take my daughter with me who also loves training days. 

Meagan Stafford

I've been training with Kylee for over three years and love it. You don't get bored with her sessions as each one is different, challenging and fun. It has also been wonderful watching Kylee advance as a personal trainer with further education, which has benefitted all of us. Her unshakable enthusiasm keeps me coming back and pushing myself each time. If you want to find a trainer who offers a dynamic work-out, in the great outdoors with a fantastic group of women I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

Elanor Quayle 

Kylee addresses her work with an awareness of all aspects of fitness and wellness. Kylee tailors her workout sessions to the specific needs of the individual and I always feel in good hands. 

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