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Group Progression Class

The Group Progression class is designed for women wanting to advance their level of fitness, to build muscle tone and burn fat. The class includes strength and cardio circuits with HIIT and Tabata sessions included. Exercise can be modified to suit your capabilities. 


Before commencing the class, you are required to complete an online Prescreen (see here) in conjunction with an initial consultation.


Why the initial consultation?


Giving birth changes a woman's body. Many women present with physical symptoms years after having a baby.  My consultation allows me a hands-on and visual assessment of your breathing, alignment, diastasis (separation of the abdominal wall).  During my assessment, you will receive an understanding on movements that are appropriate for you.  This will provide you with the tools on how to fix many symptoms associated with having a baby, e.g. how to strengthen your deep core/pelvic floor. In my experience, many new (and older)mums just aren't informed by healthcare providers on how to heal after giving birth. The physical symptoms don't magically go away! A prolapse, incontinence, back-pain can be managed - and even fixed - with the correct 'know how'! My studies have taught me that in excercise terms you can't put women into a 'one size fits all' scenario.  I am offering specialized care that is individual to you.     


The Group Progression Class is billed monthly:


$  72 per month: one session per week

$144 per month: two sessions per week


All new Group Progression clients receive one complimentary session with the first monthly block

Group Progression Class

Curtin Community Oval, Curtin, ACT 

Friday, 4 pm

Saturdays, 3 pm

Only limited spaces available

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