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Why Have an Initial Consultation?

Before commencing any of my Programs - either One-on-One or in a Group Session - it is essential that you complete an on-line Pre-screen and an Initial Consultation. 


So, why have an Initial Consultation? 


Whether you are two months or six years postnatal,  you may be putting your body at greater risk of injury without a correct assessment and consultation before beginning any fitness recovery program.  There cannot be just a one size fits all approach as every woman's experience is different! 


My unique and in-depth consultation helps me to assess and better understand your needs. This assessment allows me to create  a specific training program tailored to safely meet your needs.


My approach to restoring fitness is a holistic one because I feel passionate about women's health and well being, e.g. appropriate movement, sound nutritional advice, and pain management; all play a part in personally guiding you into becoming a stronger, more energetic and happier you.



What's in it for me? 


The consultation is conducted in the comfort of your home and takes approximately 60 minutes. This provides me with essential information relating to your pregnancy, labour and postpartum recovery while determining your overall fitness level and general health.


My aim in the consultation is to give you an introduction to a holistic way for recovery and fitness with the above proven healing strategies.


The consultation includes:


  • Following up on questionnaire

  • Observing and correcting your breathing for an optimal breathing pattern

  • Assessing your movement and posture

  • Reconnect your intrinsic core synergy (deep core muscles)?...

  • Checking for diastasis recti (abdominal separation)

  • Demonstrating how to safely activate your deep core muscles with daily movement (valuable education that you will use for life!)

  • A practical demonstration on how to remove adhesions from your abdominal wall following a C-section


When you are ready to participate in any of my programs, please complete the online Pre-Screen for Postnatal One-on-One (here), Postnatal Group Restore (here)or the Group Progression Class (here) before booking your initial consultation with me. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me    





Stand alone Consultation $90

Free with any 6-week block


Postnatal One on One Program – 6-week block $ 480

Service will be provided in the privacy of your home


Postnatal Group Restore Program – 6 week-block $ 348

(minimum of 3 people)

Location provided at the time of booking


Please note: All payments are to be made up front

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Terms & Conditions:

This program is a holistic wellness and fitness program and not intended as medical or diagnostic advice.

and the Initial Consultation will enable Postnatal & Beyond to determine the right program for you.  The onus on participation remains on the client undertaking the program and any wellness exercise, and associated information provided within this completed Questionaire. In the online Pre-Screen questionnaire you are required to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself as prompted by the program, is not intended as a replacement for professional consultations with clinical/medical practitioners.