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Why is the initial consultation important?

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

I’d like to take the time to explain what my Initial Consultation is and how it relates to postnatal recovery and why this is an issue that I am passionate about. Having a baby has a massive impact on your body. Both the prenatal period and the birth itself can have significant implications on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Throughout your pregnancy, your body has gone through massive changes to accommodate your baby including increased pressure on the pelvis and pelvic floor. This alone can be problematic for your postnatal recovery. Then there is the labour and birth which can create significant issues that can create trauma on your birth canal and abdominal wall.

It is essential that our bodies have the opportunity to recover after such a physically and emotionally challenging ordeal and in an ideal world, new mothers should have the time and space to accommodate a significant period of recuperation. However, many mothers cannot afford this luxury with the pressures of family and children, work and careers influencing the period of postnatal recovery. Another significant factor impacting on a woman’s recovery is the need to shed the baby weight and return to the pre-baby body. Many mothers have this desire and it is completely understandable but I feel that pressure from society along with unhealthy images portrayed in the media places unnecessary pressure on losing weight and getting fit.

With this in mind, women will visit their GP for the six-week checkup. The GP will quickly assess you, maybe discuss the healing of your cesarean section and then give you the green light to return to exercise or more specifically, pre-pregnancy exercise. However, such exercise can actually be harmful on the postnatal body and can result in pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence and injury to areas such as your back, hips and knees. This is why I am passionate about exercise that is appropriate to the postnatal woman. I love exercising, it is essential to my overall wellbeing but it needs to be tailored to consider the impact that having a baby has had on the body. Before I can commence any training program, I prefer to conduct an Initial Consultation with every client to provide an insight into not only what their body has been through but also what exercise is appropriate.

The Initial Consultation helps me learn about your pregnancy, labour and any complications and injuries that need to be considered before you return to exercise. I provide you with the necessary tools and understanding on how to physically heal with appropriate movement while providing you with a holistic approach to healing with nutrition and self care.

The Initial Consultation consists of:

  • Assessing your alignment, breathing and diastasis (separation of the abdominal wall)

  • Release work on pain hotspots

  • Activating your deep core muscles/pelvic floor to include into your daily movement

  • Identifying positive lifestyle factors through nutrition and self care that will fast track your recovery. 

The Initial Consultation is conducted in the comfort of your own home and takes approximately 60 minutes and costs $80. When you enrol into a 6 week block or a Postnatal program (in either a group or one-on-one session), you will receive the Initial Consultation free of charge and credited to your ongoing sessions.


Kylee Todd

Postnatal & Beyond

Personal Training & Group Fitness - Canberra

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